Client News—Collibra

April 2020

Collibra raises $112.5 million in Series F funding, now has a valuation of $2.3 billion.

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Client News—Essence

January 2020

Essence named Media Agency of the Year by Campaign US.

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Client News—Clubhouse

January 2020

Clubhouse raises $25M Series B funding. Plans to take on Atlassian.

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September 2019

Brandpad | Behind Brands:
An interview about the state of branding.

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June 2019

Do you have a guideline for making brand guidelines?

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AIGA—SF Design Week

June 2019

150+ international designers  respond to the brief of Communicating Unity for SF Design Week.

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June 2019

Courtside Stories:
7 established designers spit wisdom.

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First Round—Speaking Event

May 2019

A one-day showcase of original first round presentations made to clients. Organized by Under Consideration.

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Client News—

May 2019 raises $230M in record European Series A FinTech funding.

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December 2018

How do you rebrand without hurting people’s feelings?

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Designers and Geeks—Speaking Event

June 2018

Making the mundane brilliant.

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The Design Kids—Interview

September 2017

What are your design influences?

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